Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Craft Show Purses

Hi there! These are projects that I have done for craft shows. I told Trish, a fellow craft show pal, that I would post these. Sometimes I just need a little shove! For the fall paper purse, I got the pattern from aPaperCrafts Magazine from at least a year ago, I haven't found the issue yet but will update the post when I do. I included a stack of 6 fall themed note card with envelopes. I priced it at $15, I had 2 and they did not sell. I guess the price was too high. What do you think?

Now, for the altered Altoid tin. I cut paper to size and used decopage over the top. I then added the ribbon, the rhinestones (self adhesive) and the charm (from Mike's by the company Better Beads). These hold a gift card perfectly. I priced them at $3.50 and sold all that I had at the show (5) and took orders for 25 more. I just sold ten more to a friend, she is going to hang them on the Christmas tree. She asked for 5 of them to be more masculine, so I am going to make them look like a suitcase. I will post pics when I get those done.

I had been altering tins that my friends saved for me and that I had, those are gone now. I had to order a couple of cases of cinnamon Altoids. The wholesale cost of those is about $1.26. I found a site online that I can get plain tins for under $.70 so I will be doing that once I get through all the tins I have now! Tell me what you think.

Thanks for stopping by. Laura~


Peggy said...

Love the tins, I'm going to send your blog to a friend who was looking for cool ways to use her tins!

Sandra Smart said...

The tins are really cute. Great idea! Glad to hear you were successful with them. The little totes I made held 5 cards and I sold them for 12.00. They sold really well for that price.

Rosella said...

Absolutely fabulous.

Bella Rose Creations said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I have an Altoid addicted husband so I usually have a supply. Can I ask? Did you cover the back...the sides? I usually lightly spray paint with Krylon (but sometimes this makes the tin hard to open). I absolutely LOVE the purse idea!

Maureen Stivala said...

these are so stinkin' cute!! May I ask where you ordered the altoid tins at 70 cents? I am at work at this minute and don't have the bookmarked site where I get my nugget, clear faced tins - I never looked to see really what else they had....if you don't mind sharing - that would be great! Your tins are so cute, I want to make some and maybe do some for my next stamp camp! TFS