Monday, July 21, 2008

WOW! What a show....

I had such an amazing time at CHA, I hardly know where to start. I was so glad that I remembered to pack my camera (I always forget), but discovered when I got to the show that I left my memory card at home, aarrrgghhhh. So I am left stealing pics from other blogs. These are from Michelle Giraud's blog. This is with Tim Holtz, who we ambushed while he was in the middle of a demonstration. He was fun and gracious. He is holding Kirten's camera (she is to my left) while someone is taking a picture with Michelle's. That's Michelle to his left and JoAnne Bassile is on the far left. We are having as much fun as it looks!

This is Michelle and me with Lisa Johnson who is just super sweet. She joined our table on one of the first nights at the hotel and just hung out with us. While all these girls are uber talented, I was more impressed with the fact that they are simply great girls.
I think the thing I enjoyed most about the actual show was that I could see whole product lines at once. Most stores only carry a portion of a particular product line. We did see some fun new items which I will share more about over the next few days.

This trip was as much as I expected and more. I am so grateful to Kim, owner of My Favorite Things, for inviting me to part of such an amazing company and a truly fabulous team. I really can't say enough about what a wonderful person she is. Thanks, Kim!

I will be back with more name dropping and some looks at product we saw and got to bring home (I had to ship some of it back so it will take a few days).

Thanks so much for stamping by!




Joanne B. said...


I miss you tons already! Thanks for all the laughs! Hope you had a nice trip home and can't wait to see you again sistah!!

Carrie said...

YEAH!!!! Your back:) Can't wait to see what you have for us to see!

Amber (bambi64) said...

Laura!! I miss you guys already. Don't know when i have laughed so much. Was so great to meet you and hang out with you and your "BFF" ;) and of course for jumping into photos that I was trying to take! lol

Sandra Smart said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! Cannot wait to see what you bought!

Carolyn King said...

You are a hoot Laura! So glad to see you again. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.

Love ya!

Jessie/knightrone said...

I am so jealous, wish I could have been there!!! Glad to hear you had fun!!

Anonymous said...

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