Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life is so freakin' wonderful!

Do you ever have one of those days that is so completely perfect you just want to hold on to it for all its worth...well I am smack dab in the middle of one of those days and thought it would be fun to share. I don't have any cards to share with you just yet maybe later...I plan on just letting this next few hours just take care of themselves, I have a habit of really trying to contol every single little thing and I miss other things because of that, but I will talk more about that in a few minutes.

Yesterday I was tagged by Michelle at Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles. Stop by and check out her super fun blog. Thanks for the tag Michelle! This is the tag to tell 7 things about yourself. I have done this 2 times before and was pretty vanilla about it so I am going to try to me more chocolate, dark chocolate, thank you very much! Here we go....

1. When I was in 6th grade art class, we were given the assignment of drawing a dog from a picture of a pencil drawn dog. From my point of view, my classmates were DaVinci while I was decidedly not and was, in fact, painfully devoid of any artistic ability whatsoever. That really shaped who I thought I was and was not for the next 10 years or so. I decided I should stick with things that were more concrete, like business and anything that kept me far from drawings of dogs

2. I mention #1 because for ten years of my life I was a cake decorator in a shop that my mom owned and while I was a fantastic cake decorator, I still didn't consider myself to be an artist or artistic, for that matter.

3 Just a random other thing is that for about 18 months when I was in college I worked for the ad agency that coined the phrase "What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas" I am not saying I am proud of that, just stating a fact.

4. I mentioned #2 because for the first time in my life, because of all the wonderful support of this fabulous stamping community, I feel like I am a creative artistic person! I mean I never thought anything I made would be considered for not one, but two different national paper magazines. And also that I had it in me to win a design contest. Getting involved in SCS and having my own blog has just opened a window to a world I never thought I would even come close to fitting into.

6. My all time favorite movies are, in not particular order....The Princess Bride, Heart & Souls, The Iron Giant, Better off Dead and more recently The Holiday. (Please don't judge:)

7. I have said this before, but it is worth repeating. I have a little coffee, chocolate and wine every single day! (No, I am not 400lbs and I am not an alcoholic:)

So now I have to tag other blogs. Well I still have the same circle of blogging friends and I am sure they don't want me to tag them yet again. I did however discover just yesterday a new blogger that I am smitten with, her name is Katie, My Paper Haven. She has a such an easy elegant style, I think you should go take a look! If you want to play and have your blog listed here, just leave a comment and I would be happy to oblige!

Ok, so onto the other stuff that is really making me completely happy today. First, a brand new Micheal's store opened today just 3.3 miles from my house and I was literally the second customer in the store (some guy came out of nowhere to be the 1st person to walk in) I was the first paying customer:) Go me! You now know where I will be on any given day. So the second thing is the weather today, it is 66 degrees out and the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing and the trees are blooming and my little girl wanted to go for a walk. I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. Normally I wouldn't take my camera, but this morning before my walk I checked in on Julie's Blog, Paper Truffles and she said that she was geeking over this blog called Confessions of a Pioneer Women. Well I will tell you what, I have a new place to visit frequently, go check it out and tell me what you think! Once you visit that you will probably understand why I had to bring my camera! You probably didn't know I could be so chatty without a card to show!

We have these trees in Las Vegas called Flowering Plums, I thought for a long time they were Cherry Blossoms. The flowers bloom for a very short amount of time and are they gorgeous when they do! Here's a few pictures of some of them and of the gorgeous scenery I get to look at when I walk around the 2 mile loop that goes around my neighborhood. Just before I sat down to do this entry I took my daughter to Cold Stone Ice Cream, I had a cup of vanilla bean with caramel, chocolate, Oreo cookie, and pecans mixed in. I enjoyed every single bite and didn't feel guilty about it, not even for a second. Life is so freakin' fabulous!
Thanks for stamping by!


Melissa said...

Hi Laura. The weather was cold and sunny today. We just got home, been gone since Thursday, off scouting basketball players. I told Tommy I had to get online and see what you made while we were gone. He just laughs at me. I love the pictures of your neighborhood. We are going to try and plan a trip to Vegas soon.


Sandra Smart said...

Such beautiful pictures! Love the flowering trees! We are in the middle of a snow storm so I am SOOOOOO envious of you right at this moment!
Soak up some of that nice weather and send it my way. :)

Katie said...

Thanks Laura! Guess what? I decorated cakes for about 12 years too! I quit my part time job about 1 1/2 years ago. What a co-inkadink!

Those are gorgeous pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura--- I love your pics. ---- Here in OHIO country--- we just recieved 16-20 inches of the lovely white stuff. It took us 4 hours to shovel out our driveway-- Our tracker wouldn't even plow thru it!!! At least I got my exercise yesterday (lol)---- Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

Sherri Alspach

Chrissy said...

Wow what gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

nitestamper said...

Laura, this so, so coool !!!!what exquisite beauty arouns us, thanks for capturing it so well.

I wanted to make your day, please check my blog.
chat :)

Jessie/knightrone said...

That's just, while I am trying to pack to move to wherever that heck you live, I am gonna have to stop for ice cream!!
But seriously, your pictures are fantastic, and it sounds like you were having a fabulous day, enjoy!!

Kat said...

Don't you love when you stumble on something new? New=you. What a great blog, and the flowering trees-DIVINE. I have hope that is coming our way here in Minnesota!! That's for sharing spring with us!

Sunflowergal74 said...

Oh I'd give anything for a spring view like that here in drab ol' buffalo ny.... it's snowy and gray here...and those beautiful cherry blossoms make me long for warmer spring days. Thanks for sharing you're beautiful afternoon with us!