Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Store More Stamps with Little Monkeys

As promised here is a quick review of the the stamp storage system from Little Monkeys. But first things first. I am pretty sure I have mentioned that I was the winner of the Paper Crafts Stamping Royalty Contest, bawhaha! Guess what arrived yesterday, MY TIARA!! It was all I could do to take it off my head to take the picture:) I had heard that there was a tiara involved in this whole deal, but frankly thought I was being teased (a sort of initiation if you will). But no, it is true that if you win the contest you get a tiara. They like me...they really like me:)

On to really more pressing matters. One of the prizes that I won, besides the tiara, was a starter kit from Little Monkeys, that in all honesty sat untouched until last week when I was re-organizing my stamp space. I grabbed the cute box and got to work putting my unmounted stamps onto the 8 x 8 heavy laminated insert sheets. One side is laminated the other is not. Each insert sheet comes in its own plastic sleeve.

I decided to start with my unmounted rubber stamps. As a reference, I lightly attached (in case I should decide I want them on a different sheet) the pictures of the stamps to the paper side of the insert sheet.

With the starter system you also get a sample of cling sheets to mount your stamps on. Overall, this was my most favorite item in the prize pack.
This is the current home for my Little Monkeys storage system. You can see that I have room for at least 2 more boxes and I think that would almost store and organize all of my current clear stamps and unmounted rubber stamps.
In a nutshell, while I haven't tried a ton of other unmounted stamp storage systems, I am going to go with this one because it fits my mode of operation:) Sharing time for me today is over. I would love to hear if you have tried this system and what your thoughts are.

By the way...Susan, from Little Monkeys is looking for a design team. Get all the details here!

Thanks for stamping by!


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Jessie/knightrone said...

How awesome for you!!! Love the tiara!!