Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I've been tagged and I am giving away a little love!

Diane from Diane's Designs tagged me to list 7 little known things about myself. Thanks Diane, I think it's great to learn a little something new about my fellow bloggers! Well, I played this about a month or so ago and I really need to expand my little circle of blogging friends. As Diane said, one of the benefits of playing this is that we might discover some blogs we haven't been to before. Well, I know that a least a couple of dozen people stop by here everyday and I would love to get a chance to plug your blog. So consider yourself tagged and leave a message on this post and I will link to your blog and give it a little review! I really want to get to know some of you so I will also be including a little random giveaway for those that post a link to their blog. If you don't have a blog, just leave a little love note:) I will have the drawing on Friday, January 4.

1. In my previous life, before SAHM, I was a cake decorator. My mom and I had a shop together for about 10 years!

2. I married a boy from high school, but only after running into him in college.

3. I have a degree in marketing.

4. In November, I was featured in a local magazine highlighting some of the volunteer work I do.

5. I am the PTA President at my DD's elementary school.

6. This is way more difficult than I thought it would be:)

7. I have a little chocolate, coffee, and wine almost everyday!

Happy New Year!


I will be ubdating this part of the post as people share their blogs with us!
Sandy Smart, who I has been so incredibly supportive of me and my blog since I started, has a wonderful blog called The Cozy Chair. Please stop by and say hello to her. If you are into selling your stuff, Sandy and some great ideas for projects that sell!
Mudmaven, Chris, has a brand new blog and I am sure would love a little encouragement in her endeavor!
Allison, Stampin' When I Can, has a blog that is dedicated to all things going on in the blogging world of stamping. It is so cool that she gets all this information together in one place. I don't know how she keeps track of it all, but I am really grateful for her doing it!

Annelies, invited us to stop by her blog even though it is in Dutch. I think we all know all we need is a picture when we are admiring another artist's work.
Jannette, also has a brand new blog, this one in Spanish. How fun is it that this art form crosses many borders!
Rosella, Corner of Enchantment, has some unique projects posted on her blog.
Peggy, PR Designs, has been showing of some of her projects for the last month including a gingerbread house and a new coat of paint for her bedroom.
JoAnna, Crafty Kid, has got her own giveaway going on, and can I tell you I am going to do all I can to win hers. She gives you extra chances to win for doing different things. Really fun projects there as well!
Ashley, Stampin' Out Stress, has a brand new blog and said she wouldn't mind if we stopped by!


Peggy said...

Laura - I'm one of your couple of dozen, I like checking in on your blog. I really like your cards. Happy New Year!

mudmaven said...

Count me as one of your couple dozen too - absolutely love your blog. I just set up a blog a couple of days ago - not much there yet but I have high hopes and lots of inspiration from all the creative folks out there. http://mudmaven.blogspot.com/

mudmaven said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words of encouragement! Please feel free to link, it's an honor!


Allison said...

Hi there! You can always link me up since I spend most of my day linking people up!

Kay said...

Hi- I don't have a blog but enjoy visiting blogs to see new ideas! Thanks for sharing what you love and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy! Hugs Kay (petking@vcn.com)

Annelies said...

Hello, I was reading some blogs and via via I came to yours. I like your cards a lot. I invite you to have a look on my blog. I confess I'm not really a regular blogger, I'm only a starting cardmaker and moreover it's in Dutch. My post of today says that I discovered some great blogs, among which yours.

Jannette said...

Hi! I am in the stage of starting my blog. I have some computer issues that need to solve before uploading my photos. Thanks for sharing your ideas in your blog. Love your embossed vellum card. I will give you the link of my blog so you can see the only 3 photos that I was capable to load. Jannette from PR

Sandra Smart said...

Laura, Your blog is at the top of my favorites. I just love your work. And you are always such an encouragement with the comments you leave for me on my blog. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but would love a chance to play....I am a SAHM but before this I was a drug rep and won new rep of the year and won an all expense paid trip to Miami Beach....before that I lived in Italy for 3 years...life sure has changed since having my twin girls! deidrelm@hotmail.com

Rosella said...

I love your work and that's the reason I suggested you add a subscription to your blog LOL! So, I come by here every time you post something new. You are so welcome to link me if you want to.
Happy New Year!

Patti P. said...

Good evening! I love checking on your blog and seeing all your beautiful things. Also love the chance at any free stuff..Happy New Year

JoAnna said...

Hally New Year!!! I love checking your blog on a daily bases, you do wonderful work. Here is a link to my blog if you want to take a look around.


Ashley Warren said...

Hello! I love looking at your blog with the neat card ideas! Take a look at mine - it's growing oh so slowly...


Giovana S said...

Hi, I don't have a blog but I would like to participate,I am a SATM with a wonderful 3 y.o girl that keeps me busy almost all day, but also we share the passion: CRAFTS, so we usually have a lot of fun together.
I love to check blogs everyday and everyday I find new ones and great ones like yours!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win yummy blog candy.
Happy New Year
Giovana S.

bjscs5 said...

I love you blog. I am new to this blog stuff so I am not sure how to do it. But your site is fantastic.