Friday, January 25, 2008


So, I was doing a little blog hopping and stopped by The Cozy Chair where Sandy said she had been tagged to share what was going on in her life at the moment. She took a picture of the snow shoveling that was going on in her neck of the woods and a pic of her desk. I just love getting a little peek at what my stamping friends are doing around the country and the world for that matter. I was just getting ready for some Friday night ironing. You see, I don't do the the laundry for the week until the ironing from the previous week has been done. That way I don't get overwhelmed with ironing or laundry and everything in my closet is clean, ironed and ready to go. This system has worked so well for me over the last several years that I almost don't mind. Now, keep in mind that I pretty much make an event out of ironing anyway. I have the world's largest TV (not really, but pretty great) in my sanctuary of a bedroom. I put on a favorite show or a movie I have been wanting to watch and get busy. Anyway, you can see part of my very serene bedroom which the ironing board lives in for about 1 hour every week.
I need your help. While blog hopping one day, I found someone who made purses out of old jeans....I cannot remember who's blog it is. Have you been there, can you tell me where to find her? Thanks
Aren't you glad I shared? Show and tell about your moment and leave a post here so I can come take a peek.


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Sandra Smart said...

ok, that bedroom is way to pretty to have an ironing board in it at any time! ;)
Thanks for playing along. It is fun to get a peek at what people are doing!